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Getting around Chengdu

There are many buses in various attractions in Chengdu, which is very convenient. At present, most buses are unmanned ticket cars, please bring your own banknotes. 1 yuan for ordinary cars, 2 yuan for air-conditioned cars and high-end cars.

Tianfu Square
First of all, you can go to Tianfu Square. Tianfu Square is located in the geographical center of Chengdu City and the symbol of Chengdu City. It is also a famous bustling landmark in Southwest China. It is the economic, cultural, commercial center and subway transportation hub of Chengdu, and a city card for Chengdu.
Huanhuaxi Park
Then you can go to Huanhuaxi Park. The park is mainly composed of three major attractions, Wanshu Mountain, Canglang Lake and Bailuzhou. It is also rated as “the only five-star park in Chengdu”. Here, the historical and cultural connotation of Du Fu Caotang is the background. The centuries-old ancient laurels, toon, and horses are flourishing and the environment is quiet.
Hurricane Yayun Theatre
Next, you can go to the Hurricane Yayun Theatre. Listening to the Sichuan Opera to the Hurricane Yayun Theatre is a very good choice. The theater is simple and simple, and it is a classical pear garden that has been rising and falling for centuries. Here you can enjoy Gaohu performances, hand-shadow plays, puppet shows, Sichuan opera, clown play, face changing, fire-breathing, and pipa playing.
Dujiangyan irrigation system S
If you still have time, you can go to Dujiangyan irrigation system Scenic Area. It is the world's oldest and longest-lasting, only retained, dam-free water diversion project. Dujiangyan has beautiful scenery and many cultural relics and historic sites, including Fulongguan, Erwang Temple, Anzhen Cable Bridge, Yuleiguan and Lidun Park.
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